Devi Tamil Tuition

Devi Tamil Tuition

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Block 255, #12-1119, Yishun Ring Road
Singapore, Singapore, 760255, Singapore

Phone:     +65 9825 4743
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

We are teaching Tamil for Nursery to Secondary. Our Tutor will teach your child/ward based on their level of understanding to bring their standard up in 3 months.
Tutor Devi has managed to turn students from U-grade failures to a high A/A*/A1. Devi will be able to understand your child's capabilities and due to that, Devi can teach your child with the most easily mind-invoking methods there is. As long as your child is in the range of Nursery to Secondary, your child's education in the Tamil language will be considered of with great care. If your child and Devi are able to co-ordinate well with each other, there is no doubt that you would be able to see results going up by at least three months.

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