Canadian Education College - Orchard

Canadian Education College - Orchard

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321 Orchard Road Orchard Shopping Centre #04-01/02
Singapore, Singapore, 238866, Singapore

Phone:     63360666
Non-Smoking Environment
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Business Description

Founded in 1997, CEC has become a well-known language school in Singapore
For over 15 years we have been developing and refining our teaching methods which have proven to be immensely popular with thousands of students from all over the world.
We offer full-time and part-time study schedules at convenient times, allowing students to undertake a combination of courses, depending  on their interests, goals and English language skills wanting to improve.
Most courses are offered at many different levels, addressing individual student gaps. At the end of each module, students language level will be assessed and students will have the option to choose new courses, move up to another level or stay in the same level.
Our staff includes a team of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian consultants, who can assist you in your native language.
Our teaching staff are all native speakers and have been chosen for their ability and experience in teaching English as a second language and their passion and enthusiasm for teaching.

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