BodyNeeds Enzyme Therapy Centre

BodyNeeds Enzyme Therapy Centre

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20 Maxwell Road, #06-09B Maxwelll House
Singapore, Singapore, 069113, Singapore

Phone:     6224 4008
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Enzyme Therapy is a form of complimentary & alternative solutions to today's health challenges. Knowing your enzyme deficiencies let you address the root cause of your sub-standard health. - managed by Charlene Hui, Enzyme Therapist, Singapore
General Information
BodyNeeds is an entity set up by Charlene Hui, a practictioner of systemic Enzyme Therapy & DarkFiled Microscopy (Live Blood Analysis). Staff consists of a team of dedicated Wellness Advisors & Health Builders who are committed to help people take on their health challenges via Enzyme Therapy.
We conduct Health Talks (Topics : Enzymes and Digestion, Enzyme Nutrition & A Healthy You etc) and Weight Management Seminars etc.

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