Haiyan Long Bo DC Motor Co., Ltd.

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Yandong Village Wuyuan Street
Haiyan, Zhejiang, 314300, China

Phone:     86-573-86058580       |   Fax:     86-573-86056812
Contact:   nicelbdcmotors
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Business Description

Long Bo company providing research and development, production and sales at the same time, offers a variety of DC motors and related motor accessories at home and abroad.Motors can be customized according to customer's needs. We currently produce 100,000PCS motors per year and offer more than 100 models to customers permanent magnet motor in USA and most of European countries.The company has obtained ISO9001 certification, and we are open to obtain more certificates according to customers’ needs. Haiyan Long Bo company has excellent management skills, strong technical force, advanced equipment, complete testing methods and excellent quality.

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