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EJOT Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

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Business Description

EJOT Asia Pacific with offices in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia is part of the EJOT Group.
EJOT Group is a medium sized group of companies specialized in the area of fastening technology with a strong focus
in the automotive, electrical engineering/electornics, building and construction markets. The present business group
has approximately 2,200 employees.
EJOT has 27 distribution and production companies in Europe, Asia, Middle East and America. In addition, EJOT is the
incorporator of the Global Fastner Alliance (GFA), an international union of specialists in the filed of fastening
technology. EJOT Asia Pacific focuses on supplying the construction industry with a wide range of fasteners in the
area of:
Industrial Lightweight Construction (ILB)
External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)
Pear Ventilated Facades (VHF)
Fasteners for Flat Roofs and Slightly Sloping Roofs (FLD)
Industrial Window and Facade Technology (IFF)
Fastening Systems for Solar Installations (BSA)

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