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3771 – 74 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T6B 2T7, Canada

Phone:     1 (844) 352-2523  
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Business Description

DLC Cladding LP is your preeminent diamond laser cladding company serving the oil & gas and mining industry worldwide.

DLC was founded as a joint venture in 2014 and currently operate out of a state-of-the-art facility in Edmonton, AB under the management of CRC Wellhead Supply Co Ltd.

DLC specializes in cutting edge cladding you won’t find anywhere else. We have the exclusive rights to diamond laser cladding technology developed in Europe perfected through rigorous research and hundreds of hours of field testing.

Diamond laser cladding by DLC increases abrasion resistance significantly when compared to conventional cladding with spherical tungsten carbide. This process has a drastic impact on the service life of downhole tools, which reduces downtime and replacement costs.

Our process is fully automated and performed by expert operators.

We start by cleaning the surface to be clad, then program the laser’s computer to guide the coaxial nozzle over the wear surface. The nozzle first applies a “butter layer” of nickel-chromium matrix powder then adds two layers of diamond powder.

As the diamond layers are applied, the laser, contained within the coaxial nozzle, creates a melt pool which increases the strength of the metallurgical bond between the layers while maintaining minimal dilution and a very thin heat affected zone.

We then ground the clad down to a smooth finish to meet your specifications and requirements.

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