Yorkdale Volkswagen

Yorkdale Volkswagen

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600 Wilson Ave
Toronto, Ontario, M3K 1C9, Canada

Phone:     (416) 741-7480  
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

We’re here for you. It’s just that simple. In fact, we’ve been here for you for nearly 40 years! After that much time, it really is simple to understand why we’ve been able to learn, and evolve to offer so much more than most Volkswagen dealerships in Canada! Whether you’re looking for a new Volkswagen, or one that’s Certified Pre-Owned; whether you’re here to get your Volkswagen serviced, or need new windshield wipers from our Parts Department, it’s obvious we’re different as soon as you step in.
For your convenience, we offer free coffee, two comfortable waiting areas equipped with WiFi, and our very own in-house café called ‘Punch Buggy’s’ if you want a snack or a meal. When it comes to our service department, we have a convenient drive-through service bay so there’s no need for you to find a parking spot outside and walk in; just pull right up and head to our service expert counter. What’s more? We offer a free wheel alignment check, a free 30-point inspection, and even our very own free car wash!
If you have to be at work, have some shopping to do at the nearby Yorkdale Shopping Center, or heck, would just rather be at home, our service shuttle will drop you off at the destination of your choice, and pick you back up when your Volkswagen is ready!

Media Gallery

The 2013 Beetle Fender Edition
It’s true. Believe it. The 2013 Beetle Fender Edition is here, and guess what, there are only 150 of them that will ever be available in all of Canada. It really is the perfect blend of the iconic classic design, coupled with the most high-tech contemporary amenities and finishings. Take the rims for instance; bold and classic full coverings, with a modern chrome finish, or the interior; vintage design with the classic Fender Stratocaster ‘Tobacco Burst’ trim, coupled with 9 speakers including a powerful subwoofer supported by a 400 Watt Fender amplifier.
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