JK Japanese Auto Parts - Toronto

JK Japanese Auto Parts - Toronto

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30-32 Lepage Court
North York, Ontario, M3J 1Z9, Canada

Phone:     (416)667-8822       |   Fax:     (416)667-8894
Non-Smoking Environment
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Business Description

We specialize in importing used Japanese auto parts including low mileage engines,transmissions, alternators and much more! We also sell brand new distributors for many Japanese makes and models for wholesale and retail. We have thousands of JDM engines and transmissions in stock at our 2 convenient locations in North America and online on this web site, as well as on Ebay. JK Japanese Auto Parts ships regularly to all of North America. All of our engines are shipped directly from Japan and have low mileage and 3 month warranty. Our Company has been in business for 12 years and we pride on providing quality high performing engines and parts for the lowest price guaranteed. Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority so please feel free to
contact us at either locations or email us for more information.

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