Donway Ford

Donway Ford

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1975 Eglinton Avenue East
Scarborough, Ontario, M1L 2N1, Canada

Phone:     416-751-2200       |   Fax:     416-751-9301
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Welcome to Donway Ford, we are located at 1975 Eglinton Avenue East; South side of Eglinton Ave. and East of Warden Ave. Our sales department carries a full line up of Ford, and Lincoln vehicles; as well as commercial trucks. We are also an SVT certified dealership, therefore we carry a wide range of Mustangs and special performance vehicles. Our friendly and helpful service staff will be pleased to assist you with the regular maintenance of your vehicle or any other mechanical issues. Our body shop wil also be glad to assist in any body repair concerns, and/or detailing of your vehicle. Please do not hesitate to contact our dealership with any questions, concerns, or comments that you wish to make.
Thank you for being a valued customer and joining our family.

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