Neo M Inc.

Neo M Inc.

Posted by: Neo M Inc.
10 - 7 reviews
62 Alness Street, Unit 1
Ontario, Ontario, M3J 2H1, Canada

Phone:     416-663-0888       |   Fax:     416-663-0889
Contact:   Nick
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Business Description

Neo M Inc. offers a wide range of products that are fully-customizable to fit any event, business, or person.
At Neo M Inc., you'll find products that help you or your business stand out in a crowd, all while allowing you the freedom to stay true to yourself.
We design and deliver:
Signs: Vehicle Graphics, Banners, A-Frame Boards, Real Estate Signs, Magnetic Signs, Neon Signs, Window Graphic, Roll Up Stands, Lawn Signs
Print: Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Door Handlers, Stationery, Stamps, Folders, Catalogs
T-Shirts: Full Color Printed T-Shirts, Uniform, Printed T-Shirts

Best service
on May 10, 2014
Prices are competitive, quick turnaround, service is very reliable
Best service
on August 17, 2013
My friend recommended me Neo M for printing business cards
I'm extremely satisfied with the services the company provided
They have the team of talented professionals who are fast , reliable and creative
They also have very large spectrum of other products , so you can use Neo M as one stop for all your advertising needs
Neo M on twitter
on August 16, 2012
check us out on twitter @neomgroup
Good quality
on March 29, 2010
There was some good quality work presented and delivered to us from business cards to posters. Definitely will use the service again.
iBB Admin !
Menu design
on October 7, 2009
We designed our menus with these guys and it was realy great. Durable, practical and simple flow. Will use their services again.
Great Sign Work
on October 6, 2009
The Art Work is beautiful, Im looking forward to using your services again in the near future.

Professional Design
on September 29, 2009
I had a chance to use in the past this company's services and was left very satisfied.
There was a step-by-step walk through for the product design and its implementations were amazing.
Will use again.

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