Balmore Aerial Media Ltd

Balmore Aerial media Ltd

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107c Dalsetter Avenue
Glasgow, Scotland, G15 8TE, United Kingdom

Phone:     3232846476       |   Fax:     3232846476
Contact:   Montebello Carpet Rug Cleaning
Toll Free: 3232846476
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Business Description

Balmore media offer a range of UAV Drone aerial inspection and surveys, filming, photos and videos and event filming in Scotland. Contact us today! We Providing aerial 4K resolution media using the latest and most advanced UAV technology on the market. The DGI Inspire 1 PRO X5 RAW. Fully accredited by ARPAS-UK All of our Pilots have there commercial PFAW pilots license and are fully approved by the CAA, which enables Permissions for Aerial Work.

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