Alla Breve Academy of Music & Arts

Alla Breve Academy of Music & Arts

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20 Cranston Park Ave #3
Maple, Ontario, L6Q 2W2, Canada

Phone:     905.553.4525       |   Fax:     905.370.0017
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Business Description

Alla Breve Music Academy (ABMA) is dedicated to its mission of providing children and adults with the highest quality of individual or group instruction, and activities in music and related arts. We provide a wide range of programs for preschool, school age children, adults and seniors. Our programs are designed to be equally meaningful for those of average ability, and those with exceptional talent. While most of our students pursue their studies for personal enrichment, a sufficient number go on to professional training and careers.

Alla Breve Music Academy (ABMA) offers extraordinary progressive programs of teaching, which combine traditional methods with aspects of modern technology. The programs are ideal for students that need motivation to practice, or a change of pace in their musical studies. The programs resonate with students of all ages by presenting relevant, modern music that they are accustomed to hearing in their daily lives. When the students learn music that they love to play, it invites them to experience a broader musical sounds cape, encounter new challenges, and reach new heights of artistic expression.

Alla Breve Music Academy (ABMA) provides best quality music education for students in individual and group lessons. From age 2.5 to adult and from beginners to advanced.


Absolutely free no limited time consulting when looking to purchase musical instrument.

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