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Dec 18

Posted by: LiquidPrinter Inc.

Custom Printed Boxes

LiquidPrinter Inc.

Custom printed boxes are ideal means to professionally spread a word about your products, food or medicine items. High-quality custom boxes not only protect your product from various transportation hazards but also displays your useful products over the counters and over the shelves to mesmerize the potential customer to buy them immediately. For this purpose, many custom boxes are manufactured with a plastic window on them that is sometimes is called a die-cut window. These type of boxes best portrays the inner products and custom printing on them, highlights their key advantages and safety measures how to use them and keep them safe. It also has the date of expiry so that after the expiry no one can use it. Because after the expiry date the chemical composition of inner substance significantly changes and may harm the users health badly. It's up to you whether you choose multi-colored graphic designs or simple logo. Keep in mind that these boxes will helpful to promote your brand from packaging to delivery. Custom printed boxes give you the new boulevard statement with your customer. Customer’s feedback invitations, special offers, earning labels and instructions can be written on it. These custom printed boxes become the highlighting marketing tool nowadays because your box becomes the case for your product. Use high-quality custom printed boxes to strengthen the brand values. High-quality packaging increases the product value and helpful to fulfill the customer's demand. These custom printed boxes connect you to the market according to supply chain demand. Instructions about handle with care must be written on it. These boxes are designed for the safety of your product. We make boxes attractive as well as safe for your product. The product packaging attracts the client, so we can say the custom printed boxes will help you to promote your business in a country also outside of your country. We have unlimited designs and different sizes according to your product. These boxes can be used as candy boxes, counter display boxes, cosmetic boxes and for many other things, can be customized easily. We use hard cardboard material to make them more reliable and strong to handle any type of product.

Dec 17

Posted by: Tim Posgate

Debut blog/download cards

Tim Posgate
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Hi folks, welcome to my new blog on ibiz.  I am a musician (banjo, guitar, mandolin) based in Toronto, Canada. I have been blogging for about six years and working as a professional musician for about twenty five years. 

I am planning on making this blog a place to talk about music. More specifically it will mostly be about the music business. Often the technology involved is the key element in the changes we see in the music business and this is what interests me.

Most recently the development of online music sales has been a big change in our lives as music entrepreneurs. The idea of getting our recordings (usually CDs) around the world and into record stores is almost a dead idea.

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Dec 16

Posted by: Gary Malhi

I have seen the future and it is in 3D!

Gary Malhi
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As I’m sure everyone here on ibizbook.com is aware I am eagerly awaiting the release of Avatar: An IMAX 3D Experience on December 18, 2009.  Tickets were available as early as August of this year, but I didn’t get a chance to purchase any.  I will probably have to wait until a few days after the 18th.

The buzz is that this film will change the way movies are made and consumed.  It took director James Cameron 4 years in production to complete the movie.  He had to have special video cameras specifically manufactured for filming. 

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Dec 16

Posted by: Chris Fyvie

Commercial Real Estate News – December 14, 2009

Chris Fyvie
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TD shows ’significant exposure’ to US CRE

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Dec 10

Posted by: Corporate Suites

Adventures of Staff

Corporate Suites
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Lesson learned is to simply never hire your friends.

I had a friend who wasn't working, was low income and needed to make some extra money.  Of course I would hire her as soon as a position was available.  So she became the head housekeeper and guest representative.

It was a daily event of asking for an extra dollar here, extra dollar there until we are at the point of, "how much more could I possibly give?"

She started off with a fee to clean a suite, that wasn't enough, so she got almost double what we originally agreed to.  Some suites are too far, okay, I'll pay the gas for those particular suites.  Her washing machine was old, okay, let me purchase a brand new washer and dryer (she is making small payments on it and it's hers to keep).  She had to do laundry too often, so, we purchased about $1,000 worth of linen so she wouldn't need to do laundry everyday. Her phone bill was too high because she had to schedule appointments with guests, so we got her a phone and paid the bill.  Of course that wasn't with "I haven't picked up the phone yet because I haven't had time".  She starts at 11am every day...  Two days after receiving the phone, it's broken and she calls, "are you sending me that blackberry you promised?"  Once she received the phone (that broken one) she emailed me to tell me that she doesn't get paid to answer the phone.

Some general rules at work are to not bring kids to work.  On my surprise visit to a suite as a "guest", who checks me in?  Not only was she late but she shows up with a kid in a stroller! 
After that she had some sort of a breakdown that what she does is not worth her time (she was paid $40 for that one hour) and she can't work with a broken phone (which later turns out theres chocolate/caramel/formula spilled inside it).

So, was this situation a cause of hiring a friend and being taken advantage of are some employees just like that?

I hope that the new assistant doesn't call me one day to let me know that he doesn't like his company phone that he was given, doesn't get paid to answer phones, and requires the company Maserati for work....

Dec 05

FOLLOW THE LIGHT - Trend Number Four

Blue Source Furniture

Light has always played a powerful role in our lives, now it is becoming a powerful part of design. With today’s materials and technology, light is the product, as designers find new ways of approaching and interacting with traditional products. The unique properties of light allow designers to blur the boundaries between products, users, and context, giving us rich, inclusive experiences.

Multi- Functional Lights Bold Colors Bold Shapes

Light Projection - Growth Tree

Virtual Shapes - Theme Based Lighting


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Dec 03

Posted by: Emilly Kendi

Masai Mara

Emilly Kendi
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Last weekend i went on safari, to Masai Mara national reserve, and I thought I should write about this!
The whole weekend was great fun; it was a nice group - that filled the safari van - and we laughed and joked as we could. The reserve was stunning, vast and game plenty. But one scene really made an impression - for us all I think - the chase and killing of a deer before our eyes and ears.
Over maybe fifteen minutes, we watched as three cheetahs made a killing trap for a small herd of deer, around the place they were grazing. You began to feel a dreadful certainty of death - that for one of the herd, time was coming to an end, never would they graze again forever
As the plan was executed, one cheetah bounding at the pack, now startled and scattering, a single deer steered into the path of the other two cheetahs, it was in that deer’s desperate struggle - the swerve and fall, every sinew next squirming to regain footing, then a short dart forward only for a second, surely fatal, fall, and this time a terrible, fateful groan, and yet further efforts in vain even as its flesh was torn from its body - that there was uncovered a fear of death that is the condition of life.
The impression left were this killing made space for thought; contemplating that, even as they peacefully and idyllically graze, these animals - zebra, impala, and giraffe - face the never-ending presence of danger. And how the delicate balances between predator and prey, resource and effort make up a system of life on the plains; the life we come to celebrate, marvel and endlessly snap pictures of!
Am looking forward to the next safari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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