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Nov 14

Posted by: Administrator

Spam is not permitted on iBizBook

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Spam is not permitted on ibizbook. Spam is email that is both unsolicited and commercial in nature.


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Nov 13

Furniture Trends in 2009 - Blue Source Furniture

Blue Source Furniture
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Furniture Trends in 2009 - Blue Source Furniture 

Trends are patterns in our world that have the power to effect our future. It is crucial to be aware of these changes happening around us, because they can have a permanent effect on the way we live. To identify the patterns in design for the furniture and housewares categories, Blue Source Furniture observed two international trade shows and distilled their patterns into six key trends.

It’s important to remember that not all patterns become trends, and not all trends become relevant to brands. Don’t assume to quickly that your brand or category can’t leverage a certain trend. Evaluate each with an open mind in order to discover the best opportunities for your business. 

I will be sharing each six trend over the next 6 weeks through out the holiday season. 


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Nov 13

Posted by: Jim Vautier

Business Social Media

Jim Vautier
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Social media,
is the name attached to the planet-wide phenomenon that has attracted hundreds of millions of users. Between Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, Ning, Digg, etc. millions upon millions of people are 'friending, linking, watching, and connecting' in various ways through various means.

The use of social media has surpassed the use of email as the most popular internet activity. Once called the 'democratization of information and sharing of ideas and experiences', the Business social media charge is being led by PlanetBuzz, Inc. with immediate, relevant, transparent, and actionable information from every corner of the planet.

People are communicating about business more than ever before. The conversations are happening all around us and they are not just face to face anymore, They are occurring on the internet at lightning speed among hundreds and thousands of people.

The question is.....do you want to be part of the conversations?
Word of Mouth,
or what we call Buzz, is what PlanetBuzz.com is all about. Consumers know that much of traditional advertising is exaggeration at best and outright wrong at worst. Testimonials from friends & fans, family and neighbors is the most trusted and credible source of information. Credibility now has a mass market and it lives and breathes on PlanetBuzz.com.

The best way to share your Buzz or discover what others are saying is on PlanetBuzz.com. Whether you are searching for a great restaurant, spa, realtor, florist, dog groomer or plumber they are all available to you. Learn what the Buzz is on the new beach resort that just opened. Hear what people are saying about the smoothie franchise down the street. Find out who's the best rated jeweler in town, or check out the reviews on a home based business you just heard about.

How would you like to get the list of recommendations of the businesses that your friends use, or better yet how about the list of business friends that the businesses you patronize recommends. The sharing of information and lists of friends and referrals is uncompromised and unparalleled by PlanetBuzz.com anywhere on any site.
Facebook for Business,
as it is sometimes called, PlanetBuzz.com lets you connect with the top social media sites directly with the click of a button. FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Digg, etc. are all available to the PlanetBuzz.com user with links designed to take you right to their site. This way, you can communicate with your 'friends, neighbors, associates' and let them know who you are a 'fan' of, or who you'd like to 'Buzz Off' for example.

Broadcast to all your friends & fans about your favorite businesses, or a recent sale or coupon. With consumer to Business, Business to consumer, consumer to consumer and Business to Business links, all the bases are covered, and everyone can communicate with everyone. Today's businesses understand the importance of two-way communication with customers. PlanetBuzz, Inc. has built a way to facilitate those discussions and taken it a step further.
Global Reach but Local Relevance,
PlanetBuzz.com is the site to rate and review the businesses you frequent, letting your friends and fans know who you like and who you don't. Support your favorite local bistro, nightclub or Mary Kay representative with your positive comments. Let your neighbors know the name of the fantastic business that just redid your roof.

PlanetBuzz.com is the ultimate recommendation engine with over 20 million listings and the latest reviews on every business imaginable. Search to find a business, learn more about or comment on a business. Become a 'Fan' of your favorite retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Create lists of the establishments you do business with from 'price busters' to 'luxury living'.

Rate and review a business and tell them to either Buzz On or Buzz Off. Either way, PlanetBuzz.com is the forum to find or make recommendations. With so many of the social media sites being global in nature, it's refreshing that PlanetBuzz.com enables consumers to create a connection with their favorite businesses right in their own backyard.
The Who's Who of social Media
  • PlanetBuzz, the sweet way to find businesses and share your experience!
  • Facebook, a site that helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
  • Twitter, a service for people to communicate and connect through the exchange of brief comments.
  • MySpace, a social networking site with an interactive network of friends, blogs, photos & music.
  • LinkedIn, where professionals exchange information, ideas and opportunities.
  • Digg, a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web.
  • StumbleUpon, an online service that helps users discover interesting new websites.
  • Technorati, tells what’s percolating in blogs now.
  • Delicious, a social bookmarking (or tagging) site.
  • Propeller, A news site that covers all topics from technology to politics and entertainment.
Let your Voice be heard on PlanetBuzz.com
With millions and millions of users on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PlanetBuzz and the like, your voice will be heard. In fact, if your voice taps into the mindset of mainstream consumers you may develop a 'following'.

Many consumers look for like minded people who share similar tastes and standards and PlanetBuzz.com allows you to become 'Fans' of both businesses AND other people. Essentially PlanetBuzz.com has created an electronic rolodex where people can look to you as an authority on where to shop, restaurants to patronize, vacations to take, and especially who on earth is your handyman.

How many times have you heard 'who do you know that does this or that?' How many times have you been asked 'who does your hair, lawn, nails, pool cleaning or snow shoveling?' All these answers are found on PlanetBuzz.com where your feedback makes all the difference.
PlanetBuzz means Business!
At PlanetBuzz.com we are all about business. Your Buzz Page in the PlanetBuzz.com recommendation engine will get the Buzz out about your business like no other tool in your advertising or marketing arsenal.
Develop relationships with both Consumers and other Businesses. Communicate with them as often as you like describing your news and specials, post a video, shoot brief messages to all or send specific messages to your best customers. Respond to concerns or send a late night 'blue light special' out to hundreds. Select the coverage that best suits your need and reach consumers in a city, county or entire metropolitan area. Need nationwide coverage? PlanetBuzz.com has got you covered.

PlanetBuzz.com is the only Business social media site designed specifically to bring more consumers to your business. That's why we say, "PlanetBuzz.com, where consumers mean (more) business!"
Easy to Use,
Our Buzz Pages are more relevant than Google, more current that Yellowpages, and more fun than any other site in its class. Advertisers can display up-to-the-minute news, changes, specials, coupons and video describing their business offerings. Consumers can read what others are saying, including the good, the bad, and the outrageous.

Post a rating and comment about the wonderful Bed and Breakfast you stayed at last weekend, or slam the greasy spoon you ate at last night (and where you'll never eat again). Follow the discussions of the places you shop or do business with as often as you like and receive communications (including coupons, specials, changes in menu or hours, etc) from only the ones you choose!

If you are passingly familiar with Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other top social media sites, you'll find PlanetBuzz.com a breeze to navigate. If you are new to social media sites, PlanetBuzz.com is the only site that allows you to 'Fan' both businesses AND people, and follow everything everyone is saying about them. If anything, do it just for the coupons and to tell your friends where to shop and dine!
PlanetBuzz is a sweet way to find businesses and share your experience. Buzz On!
Nov 12

Posted by: Corporate Suites

Corporate Suites: The New & Smart Way to Travel!!

Corporate Suites
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Corporate and Executive suites are the new way for business travelers.

In this economy, many travelers are looking for a more economical way to do business without downgrading on their lifestyles.

Malibu Investments (www.malibuinvestments.ca) provide the smartest alternate.  Their suites are completely furnished, right down to the cooking utensils.  All of the suites are high end, brand new and much more comfortable than the typical tiny hotel room that costs double than the corporate suites.

A typical hotel room downtown Vancouver is about 400 sq feet in size and goes for about $199 per night. The fact that the hotel suites do not offer kitchen facilities or fridges big enough for the restaurant left overs, just adds to your stay.  Malibu Suites offers it's guests brand new furnished condos, penthouses, townhouses and homes.  The smallest suite is 650 sq feet and is a bargain at $99 per night.  Most suites sleep at least 4 people and costs that usually add up fairly quickly at hotels, such as internet, parking, etc, are complimentary with Malibu Suites.

The corporate suites can accommodate business travelers up to large families or celebrities.  Our suites go up to 4,000 sq feet homes located on the waterfront of Coal Harbour, a prestigious neighborhood in Vancouver and rents for $18,000 per month.

Do the smart thing next time you travel and book and oversized, fully furnished brand new suite and save yourself half the money!

Nov 11

Posted by: Sim Dhillon

What's the key to that 'smokey eye' everyone's talking about?

Sim Dhillon
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Lakme Kajal. Enough said. 

Although it may look like any generic eyeliner, kajal (specifically that marketed by Lakme cosmetics) is much softer in consistency, easier to intentionally smudge, more thickly applicable, and not as easily "eaten up" by our eye fluids. 

Kajal, the South Asian name for 'kohl,' was used by the ancient Egyptians to prevent eye ailments. It was also and is currently (in South Asia) used to protect the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. In many South Asian cultures, today, kajal is worn to ward-off the "evil eye," which can be interpreted as any ill-wish of one upon another or even lustful eyes. This is interesting to note because of the opposite effect it might actually have or that it may actually be used to elicit in the Western world (i.e. the "smokey" or "sultry" 'bedroom eyes' that many women attempt to create with eyeliners and eyeshadows).   

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Nov 10

Posted by: Administrator

Launch of iBB Instant Messenger

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As expected, ibizbook launched the iBB Instant Messenger this week.

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Nov 10

When buying Contemporary furniture consider the following 3 tips - Blue Source Furniture

Blue Source Furniture

3 Tips that will save you time, money and lots of headaches.

Decorating an old space or moving can be a stressful time, If you happen to be moving into a small condo, or your first home it can add an even bigger stress to your everyday life. 

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