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Feb 17

Posted by: Chris Fyvie

Finding your first office space

Chris Fyvie
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Working from home will only work for so long.  Most of my clients go through the following transition:
1. Find shared space - by reaching out to everyone they know, sometimes a company gets lucky and finds a group willing to share their office space, boardroom and sometimes even an assistant.  This is usually a great at great cost savings on a month to month basis.
2. The company outgrows the shared space or has it taken back from them for growth or relocation reasons.  Many groups continue to want short term solutions and turn to a business center.  Usually at a higher than market rate than leasing your own space it gives you the flexibility of month to month and offer you services including hosting and furniture.
3. The business center finally becomes too expensive or simply inconvenient to have 3 people in the same 10 x 10 office and they start the search for their own premises.  This is where I usually come in.


Feb 16

Posted by: Sarah M.

The Only 5 Products Your Beauty Cabinet ACTUALLY Needs

Sarah M.

As a woman, it’s hard to not be veritably overwhelmed by the plethora of products being peddled to us as the next best thing in beauty. Too often we find ourselves witlessly handing over our hard-earned cash for creams and lotions and potions and shadows that, quit simply, leave our wallets significantly lighter and our faces looking…well, just about the same.


If you’ve found yourself in this situation and currently have a bathroom cabinet overflowing with bottles and tubs of things you’ve used at most once, you’ll be delighted to hear that there are actually only five products in there that are essential to you looking your best. If you’re interested in looking better and saving money and bathroom storage space, look no further than these simple, relatively inexpensive and tried, tested and true things.

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Feb 15

Posted by: clickflick

Technology is Everywhere


In today’s society everywhere you look Technology has an influence in the way we live and do things everyday. From the moment you wake up an electronic alarm awakes you. Power the television for the morning news and listen to the traffic and news updates. The news channel you are watching is probably all decked out with live feeds from cameras and In-studio video displays. The point is that Technology is everywhere and it continually evolves. It truly is an amazing time to be living in this time of new “Technology” advancements in our everyday world.

 3D televisions, Crowd sourcing, Smartphones, Ecommerce, and Augmented Reality are mostly new terms associated with Technology today. If your parents read this article they would not recognize or understand most of the terms mentioned. If they do then consider yourself one of the lucky few. Trying to explain to my parents how to text message is like trying to put a square piece into a circle puzzle, it’s just not going to happen. Our parents never had to use email, smartphones or computers. Remember the rotary dial phones and the pencil and paper to write and send messages with a stamp. Maybe those times where much simpler and technology has just complicated the way we do things. Don’t you find that it is very hard to keep of with new technology? Do you think Technology has helped or created more problems for us? It would be interesting to see with certain age demographics especially the older generation of their thoughts on Technology.

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Feb 15

Posted by: Mario C

Dollars & Sense

Mario C



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Feb 14

Posted by: Lola

A Toronto Gem - TBBS Beauty Store


If you are in the Toronto, Ontario area and are in need of some beauty and hair products and advice, I have one suggestion for you: Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply. Also known as TBBS. A staple of the beauty and hair industry since 1937, TBS now has 5 supply stores located throughout the GTA.

What separates TBBS from other hair & beauty stores is its inventory of high quality products, its wide selection of products as well as its extremely informative and knowledgeable staff. Specifically at the downtown Bay and Dundas location, the staff at TBBS can effectively give you the rundown on all of the products they carry, which ones work and which do not. The products themselves include some of the best quality salon products in the Country. Who knew you could tint your eyebrows darker (or lighter) to match your hair color? I didn't know a thermal heat conditioning cap could be used to perform heat treatments that prevent damage to one's hair & scalp. Even the mulitple sale item bins offer unique suggestions at discounted prices so one can take a chance on a new hair product.

TBBS does not discriminate against men either. Be sure to find hair thinning treatments, hair and beard trimmers and well as hair dyes. Have a grooming dilemma and not sure where to start? The knowledgeable staff will listen to you and will be able to direct you to what will work best for you. And yes, they will direct you to the $25 conditioner, but they will also show you the $7 conditioner (plus maybe a sample of the expensive brand for future use). Also note: if there is a product you are looking for from a line TBBS carries, but they do not currently carry it, they will actually order the product for you, free of charge!

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Feb 14

Posted by: Lola

The Consumer Guide to Safe, Happy Online Shopping


Even though it is 2010 and the Internet and technology has permanently embedded itself into all of our lives, many people still harbor uncertainty or fear when it comes to online shopping. Having been a successful online shopper for almost 8 years now, I think I can provide some insight for those who are afraid to venture to the new Age.

1) Google is your Friend - The biggest advantage to online shopping is the ability to comparison shop instantly. You don't need to run all around town looking for the best prices; simply know how to use Google to find what you what. Say you come across a Steve Madden shoe in an offline store on 'sale' for $75 and you want to know if you can get it cheaper. Find out the shoe's name, then Google: "Steve Madden shoe + shoe name" on your computer. You will then find online locations that sell the shoe as well as their prices.

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Feb 13

Posted by: Administrator

iPhone and your Mobile Community


iBizBook  is pleased to unveil this completely new Mobile Community for our iPhone users. We hope you will find our new Mobile Community motivating, informative and easy to navigate and that you will be inspired to join us in building a strong consumer and business community. 

The Mobile Community allows iBB members to change their profile, check their direct messages and view the activity stream. All from the palm of your hand.

Please explore our new Mobile Community and give us your feedback!

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