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Mar 02

Posted by: Sarah M.

4 (Painless) Ways to Get A Better Body Today!

Sarah M.

With the plethora of commitments pertaining to work, money and family most people have going on in the majority of their days it’s no surprise that working out and getting healthy and fit is the thing that falls to the bottom of the pile more often than not.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to make the hour and a half trip to the gym five days a week to start seeing some significant changes for the better where your triceps, biceps and quadriceps are concerned! Make the following small but effective four tips and tricks a part of your daily routine, and start seeing results faster than you could imagine!

1. Start strengthening where you least expect it: There’s nothing to say you can’t keep a pair of three-to-five pound weights on your desk with which to do a few repetitions of dead lifts and arm curls for five minutes when returning from your lunch break. Similarly, try adding in a set of lunges here and there while you’re in the process of making dinner and waiting for the oven to preheat. The trick here is to do unobtrusive exercise (laying on the floor to do crunches may work in some workplaces, but not most), and as many reps as possible as many times throughout the day. Look to resources like Shape.com to find the right exercises to target the places you want to tone.

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Feb 27

Posted by: Kanan Kothari

Another One Bites the Dust for Tiger...

Kanan Kothari
Tagged in: woods , values , transparency , tiger , support , sponsor , society , public address , pepsico , nike , multinational , money , media , infidelities , golfer , golf , gatorade , focus , endorsement , drop , conservative , business , branding , at&t , accenture , 2010 , 2009

Only a week after his public address, admitting to his infidelities, Tiger Woods has been dropped by Gatorade.  Pepsico is following in the footsteps of two other large endorsers of the golfer, AT&T and Accenture which both ended long standing relationships with Woods. 

Nike, Woods' largest sponsor, plans to continue supporting Tiger, clearly taking a different strategy and approach to the whole debacle. 

Accenture led the way in dropping the golfer back in 2009; Woods' infidelities and integrity came into question which are clearly two essential components to the brand identity of a company like Accenture.  However, I'm having a hard time understanding how a sports drink finds it's mission and brand so misaligned with Tiger? Or, are they simply wanting to disassociate themselves from "bad" morals?  Is this kind of moral judgement acceptable or appropriate from a huge multinational corporation?  Do company's have to justify why they make these choice, or are they entitled to act in their own interest without any level of transparency?

All interesting questions to ask ourselves and to discuss as a society. 

As the ball continues to roll against Tiger, even months after the initial revelations were made about the golfer, it also gets me thinking about the conservative values and mindset of our society.  Is it ok for this man to be publicly condemned for his actions? Or is he just a man who cheated on his wife, like so many others?

I ask you, is infidelity so unforgivable that public humiliation and financial condemnation is just an eventuality?  Or is this all part of being in the public eye?  Is Gatorade dropping Woods just a plain business decision or is it more than that - a reflection on our society's values and beliefs?

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fBsAZdel1I 400x400]

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Feb 25

Posted by: karim kanji

Finding your online pulse

karim kanji


Twitter.  Blog.  Facebook.  YouTube videos.  Podcasting. 

You're confused and busy.  You're burning the candle at both ends.  So, what do you do?  The importance is not necessarily being everywhere all the time.  It's finding and then mastering what you're good at.

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Feb 22

Posted by: Kanan Kothari

Food Fanatics: Value Eats

Kanan Kothari

For those of you who don't know me that well yet, my consumer based life is mostly centered around the two big Fs.  These two big Fs are what most of my disposable (and should be savings...) go into.  The big Fs are also what I spend most of my time thinking about, talking to friends and colleagues about, and searching online for.  Have I left you in suspense long enough?  These two Fs are fashion and FOOD
I don't know if I would consider myself a "foodie" per se. I've always felt that term to be a bit serious; I mean I can't very well name off all the different cuts of beef or significant French sauces (or cook anything to save my life for that matter...).  But, I can say that I love to eat good food and even watch a movie here and there that's all about eating and drinking (think Julie & Julia or Sideways).  With my love of food also comes a constant quest for new places to grab a bite, and let's be real here people, recommendations are the best way to go!  It's usually those places that a friend suggests that eventually becomes an old faithful.   And so, this will be the first of several instalments about the quest for good eats in the Toronto area.  Today, let's chat a bit about good value...

Getting a good bite in a big city like Toronto can get pretty pricey, and we all know that watching the pocket book is key.  The list that follows are 4 spots that are tried and true, which deliver on taste, quality and a reasonable price.

For a fun breakfast or lunch spot, Sadie’s Diner at Adelaide and Portland is a great little place.  Some may find it a bit of a dive upon first glance, but the food is always clean and fresh.  The menu is all vegetarian or vegan, but trust me, it's tasty and hearty.  I suggest their $6 grilled cheese combo or their lunch burrito with a side of guac.  Another great new spot is Arepa Café on the Queen West strip.  For anyone who loves Mexican food, arepas are somewhat like a Venezuelan version of tortillas.  Cafe Arepa serves several versions of a classic arepa for a good fast food price.

Another relatively new spot which has been talked and talked about in Toronto is Pizzeria Libretto.  I suppose it's not new news, but it's worth noting that the pizza there is stellar and it's a relatively reasonable price for two to dine.  Reservations there are not an option though, so be prepared to wait a little while.

Finally, a great spot which is a staple in my lunch routine is Gandhi Cuisine.  By far the best roti I've ever had, and a huge portion that can serve you for two lunches in a row!  Once again, this spot is on Queen West, just East of Bathurst.

I'm always looking for new spots, so please post and let me know what your favourite places to eat are, that are also a good value!

Bon appetite and stay tuned for next time!

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss19aE-bcT4 400x400]

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Feb 18

Posted by: karim kanji

A housing market cooldown?

karim kanji

It's finally here.  The bubble will burst.  Ohbr maybe it won't.  Ever since the housing meltdown occurred in the States, many industry analysts have been warning that Canada would not be far behind.  And after last year's cooling subsequent re-heating, many doubted that Canada would see a true housing meltdown.  Until now.          

Recently, a perfect storm has arisen.  First, there was the recent announcement from Ottawa that they would be tightening the rules around mortgages.  There has been a very real fear that people were taking on more debt than they could afford to purchase a home.  This past Tuesday, Ottawa announced new requirements: The first is that borrowers of insured mortgages be qualified at the five-year fixed rate, even if they opt for a shorter term. Also, buyers of investment properties must come up with a 20% down payment and consumers who already own a home can borrow up to 90 per cent of the value of property instead of the current 95 per cent.

Second, is the impending harmonized sales tax in Ontario and third is the expected increase in interest rates.  All three will combine to deflate any real estate bubble.

In the meantime, expect the residential housing market to remain healthy in the coming months, as buyers rush to purchase before the new mortgage requirements come into effect April 19.

What are your thoughts?  Will interest rates rise?  If they don't will the housing market remain strong?  Are these government initiatives proactive? And finally, why is the government of Canada concerned about not creating a housing bubble?

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Feb 17

Posted by: Chris Fyvie

February 2010 - Commercial Real Estate News Summary - Toronto

Chris Fyvie



Original Post

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Feb 17

Posted by: Chris Fyvie

Finding your first office space

Chris Fyvie
Tagged in: Untagged 

Working from home will only work for so long.  Most of my clients go through the following transition:
1. Find shared space - by reaching out to everyone they know, sometimes a company gets lucky and finds a group willing to share their office space, boardroom and sometimes even an assistant.  This is usually a great at great cost savings on a month to month basis.
2. The company outgrows the shared space or has it taken back from them for growth or relocation reasons.  Many groups continue to want short term solutions and turn to a business center.  Usually at a higher than market rate than leasing your own space it gives you the flexibility of month to month and offer you services including hosting and furniture.
3. The business center finally becomes too expensive or simply inconvenient to have 3 people in the same 10 x 10 office and they start the search for their own premises.  This is where I usually come in.


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