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Feb 15

Posted by: clickflick

Technology is Everywhere


In today’s society everywhere you look Technology has an influence in the way we live and do things everyday. From the moment you wake up an electronic alarm awakes you. Power the television for the morning news and listen to the traffic and news updates. The news channel you are watching is probably all decked out with live feeds from cameras and In-studio video displays. The point is that Technology is everywhere and it continually evolves. It truly is an amazing time to be living in this time of new “Technology” advancements in our everyday world.

 3D televisions, Crowd sourcing, Smartphones, Ecommerce, and Augmented Reality are mostly new terms associated with Technology today. If your parents read this article they would not recognize or understand most of the terms mentioned. If they do then consider yourself one of the lucky few. Trying to explain to my parents how to text message is like trying to put a square piece into a circle puzzle, it’s just not going to happen. Our parents never had to use email, smartphones or computers. Remember the rotary dial phones and the pencil and paper to write and send messages with a stamp. Maybe those times where much simpler and technology has just complicated the way we do things. Don’t you find that it is very hard to keep of with new technology? Do you think Technology has helped or created more problems for us? It would be interesting to see with certain age demographics especially the older generation of their thoughts on Technology.

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Feb 14

Posted by: Lola

The Consumer Guide to Safe, Happy Online Shopping


Even though it is 2010 and the Internet and technology has permanently embedded itself into all of our lives, many people still harbor uncertainty or fear when it comes to online shopping. Having been a successful online shopper for almost 8 years now, I think I can provide some insight for those who are afraid to venture to the new Age.

1) Google is your Friend - The biggest advantage to online shopping is the ability to comparison shop instantly. You don't need to run all around town looking for the best prices; simply know how to use Google to find what you what. Say you come across a Steve Madden shoe in an offline store on 'sale' for $75 and you want to know if you can get it cheaper. Find out the shoe's name, then Google: "Steve Madden shoe + shoe name" on your computer. You will then find online locations that sell the shoe as well as their prices.

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Jan 05

Posted by: Gary Malhi

2010 Consumer Electronics Show

Gary Malhi

Now this is a trade show I would be extremely excited to visit - Electronics, Gadgets, and so many other Toys!

The 2010 International consumer Electronics Show (CES) is taking place in Las Vegas this weekend January 7 to 10.  This annual event features hundreds of technology and consumer electronics exhibitors.  It is the preeminent consumer technology trade show.  The show is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center with additional venues used for certain specialties.

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Dec 27

Posted by: Tim Posgate

Radio Christmas

Tim Posgate
Tagged in: technology , radio , jazz , hockey , Christmas , CBC

So far the only really emotional Christmas moment I had was because of radio. Sure, I loved watching my kids open their presents and sing songs with us etc. but it was the Pogues on the CBC that made my eyes a little leaky.


I don’t even know the name of that Christmas song they sing but it certainly made me feel like I was fifteen again was in the kitchen chatting with my Mom. It seems like radio is everywhere this Christmas. My kids gave me a wind up radio that works without batteries. (Thanks guys, I always wanted one!)  Even my son’s new ipod Nano has a radio built in to it. The Mac people finally figured out that we need radio. (as well as the new audio and video recording feature!)

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Dec 19

Posted by: clickflick

The Internet and Technology

Tagged in: technology , Internet

Do you use the internet too much? I do. You might not want to admit it but the majority of us are texting or surfing the internet. That is how you found this blog, right? With the outbreak of social networking sites and the plethora of webpages and blogs it’s difficult to avoid. Instant updates of web videos being spread virally, you can’t help hearing all the information in today’s society. Does this mean we are less inclined to communicate face to face if we are on the internet more. It brings up an interesting topic that can be debated for hours. Children being brought up in this virtual world are using computers and technology at an earlier age. Children today are spending more time sitting in front of the computers than their predecessors. Do you remember when physical activity involved running or playing tag with your friends? Today, most children are set on playing video games and immersing themselves in online gaming. Adults are focusing more attention to using the internet more too. It has become more of information overload and trying to manage it. I can personally spend a whole day just watching videos on Youtube. You can find anything you want on any topic if you just “Google” it. Most people are also using the internet to shop, pay bills and even watch television. The internet and pace of technology has changed the way we live. It is evident in the world economy of how drastic technology has affected us. Most companies are now using technology that automates most simple procedures. Data entry is replaced by database software. Bank Tellers are replaced by Online banking. Television is replaced by Online streaming. Don’t get me wrong, it will never replace what has been mentioned but it definitely has been a game changer. Look forward to more tech/review post here on Ibizook.com :)

Dec 05

FOLLOW THE LIGHT - Trend Number Four

Blue Source Furniture

Light has always played a powerful role in our lives, now it is becoming a powerful part of design. With today’s materials and technology, light is the product, as designers find new ways of approaching and interacting with traditional products. The unique properties of light allow designers to blur the boundaries between products, users, and context, giving us rich, inclusive experiences.

Multi- Functional Lights Bold Colors Bold Shapes

Light Projection - Growth Tree

Virtual Shapes - Theme Based Lighting


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Oct 19

Posted by:

Science Fiction and our Consumer Reality

The introduction of European Science Fiction writing in the early 19th century started a period where talented and creative individuals began to express ideas on paper that would eventually shape our future. 

What do I mean by this? It’s simple these select few guys had a vision of our future and at that time it might have been impossible but now all those ideas are happening all around us in the form of consumer goods. Please keep in mind that this push for science fiction writing was funded by the private sector to create a vision of things to come. 

Early Space Man and Rocket 

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