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Sep 11

Posted by: Ronda Rousey

Setup the email account in the iPhone (att,frontier,Thunderbird,BellSouth)

Ronda Rousey

Comcast email login

Configuring different accounts on the iPhone provides you with ‘n’ number of benefits. So if you want to set up accounts on the iPhone, you need to follow the steps mentioned below


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Sep 09

Posted by: Mia Watson

AOL mail does not sync properly with the mail app

Mia Watson
Tagged in: software , computer , Aol Email Login

aol email logon

This issue of AOL mail not being able to sync properly with mail apps on the computer is a very routine problem. There have been many people who have lodged this complaint and are still continuing to have the same problem almost every day. There have been cases where the windows software can read all the folders of AOL but cannot perform the sync with the mail. A reason behind this sync failure is the fault in the server settings and also a problem with windows 10 update. The software seems to reject the sync. So to get rid of this problem once and for all, this blog has been created. It contains the steps that are vital in resolving the syncing issue of AOL mail with other mail apps. So keep reading this blog if you want to learn the steps. Or you can also get it by talking with the experts at
aol.email login support number. This blog contains two solutions that you can try to get rid of the problem. One solution will require you to remove your AOL mail and adding it again. The other solution will be to check the server settings in the mail app. Let not waste too much time and get right into the troubleshooting steps.

Solution 1: remove your AOL mail and add it again.

Sometimes due to configuration errors, you will not be able to sync your AOL mail to your mail app. If your account details aren’t correct you might need to delete the app and add it again.

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Aug 19

Posted by: Minati Carry

Recover Lost Password (Fastmail, Bellsouth, Telus, Verizon)

Minati Carry

recover lost password for quickbooks    


In the current age, all account is password protected. This is one of the most necessary requirement in order to keep the users safe against any kind malpractice. Even though the accounts of the users are protected using passwords, there are times when the users tend to forget the password of their account. This one of the most common issues which the users face is while they try to recover the password of these accounts. Most of the times, the users are unaware of the process which they must follow to solve this issue. The users can take up some simple steps using which they would be able to recover the lost password of their account effectively. The users would also have the option of connecting with the customer care team who would provide them all the required assistance in solving the issue.

How to recover lost password of Bellsouth Email?

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Aug 15

Posted by: Mia Watson

How to do changes in AOL Email

Mia Watson

aol.email login

When there are innumerable emails services present on the web, users still prefer AOL Email over other similar clients. This email has a rich and attractive users interface loaded with exceptional features. But at certain times, the users of AOL Email come across some problems in doing the changes. In this blog, you will get to know about the two main issues with their solutions that often acts as a hindrance for the users. You can anytime connect with
aol email login account number if you have any other doubts.

Issue 1: Customize panel size in AOL Mail

The panels in AOL Mail are designed in such a way that they are customizable according to the needs and preferences of the users. You can anyways choose what is important to you and drag it to the panel.

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Jan 24

Posted by: clickflick

What is the iSlate?

Tagged in: touch screen , touch , Tech Crunch , Tech , Tablet , Steve Jobs , software , release , product , OLED screen , OLED , netbooks , laptop , Iwork , iSlate , iSlate , Iphone 4.0 , iPhone , Internet , desktop , computers , battery , Apple



What is the iSlate?

The iSlate is rumoured to be an Apple Tablet or iPad. The internet has been filled with numerous rumours on this new product. Apple is to release more info on this possible product this coming January 27, 2010. They are to announce the iSlate, Iphone 4.0 and Ilife 2010. The key announcement will be the iSlate itself. The computing industry worldwide has seen a maturity from bulky desktop computers to laptops to netbooks. This is where the iSlate comes into the fold. The iSlate as pictured will look like a larger sized iphone with a touchable screen surface quite possibly an OLED screen which would increase battery life. It could possibly run on Iphone 4.0 software. Steve Jobs says the upcoming Apple tablet iSlate “will be the most important thing I’ve ever done”, according to TechCrunch. It will be interesting to see if the iSlate will be as popular in hype as the iphone. The iphone is now known as a technical gadget that has changed the whole mobile industry with it’s interface and thousands of Apps.

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