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Aug 07

Posted by: Netributor

Privacy: Is there any left?


Real Privacy

Picking up on the last post about “smart” online advertising, let’s touch base on privacy and if there is any left in the social, mobile, local world. Have you heard the phrase “data is the new oil?” All the “free” services that you use daily like free Google search, Facebook, Twitter are not exactly, well, free.

You are getting these services in exchange of your privacy-one that you give up day by day, bit by bit. The social media model itself is based on the premise that the data that you voluntarily give away to the social-based sites can be then sold to potential advertisers.

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Aug 04

Posted by: Netributor

'Friending' the world of online advertising

Advertising and Marketing
The trending new story on Twitter yesterday was “Facebook has 83 million fake accounts”-a reminder to advertisers who buy online advertising, that in the new complex digital world, it is very easy to be misled by numbers. 

In the new social, local, mobile world, where we are online all the time, it is hard to get somebody’s attention. In this day and age, it is hard just to get people to pay attention to you when you are talking face to face. Is it a surprise then, that advertisers are increasingly pouring more and more resources into figuring out how to get a potential customers to ‘click’, ‘like’, or ‘pin’ their advertisement on the Web?
In such an environment, it is more important than ever, to be smart about your advertising dollars. And with all the hype about social media, it is important to understand the need to pick channels that best serve you.
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Jul 08

iBizBook.com —Where everybody knows your name.

Alluvion Media Solutions

iBizBook.com -- Where everybody knows your name.
(And you're paid to socialize?)

The 'holy grail' of business is to engage visitors. And naturally, social-media is the perfect way to do it.

But how to stand out? Just add real value (a.k.a. cash rewards!) for opinions and activities. And that's the unique concept for ibizbook -- a site that rewards businesses and the public when they interact, both C2C and B2C.

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Apr 21

Posted by: iBB Advisor

Empowering the Online Consumer

iBB Advisor

As social media is gaining ground on traditional media a truly collaborative effort is required to merge these to mediums.  This mass media prototype will benefit all stakeholders involved including businesses as well as you, the consumer.

Consumers are becoming increasingly smarter with how they spend their hard earned money.  They want businesses to provide the best value at a reasonable cost.  In the past, consumers have relied heavily on paper advertising offers and coupons. The popularity of online digital coupons is now growing exponentially.

The ibizbook community understands this paradigm shift in offering savings.  ibizbook has now teamed up with Open and Save to provide on demand value through the social web.  Open and Save is the largest direct mail company in Canada.  They have been providing savings through coupons for over 25 years to millions of households.  

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Mar 23

Posted by: Gary Malhi

3 Ways Businesses can Boost their Social Media Strategy

Gary Malhi

As a small business owner I’m sure you have been hearing a lot about social media.  Everyone is telling you to take advantage of free online social networking tools including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.   If you have been active online and really engaged with your customers, your business will definitely benefit from this. However, you may have tried it out and not been as successful as you hoped.

Here are 3 ways to kick your social media Strategy into gear and make it work for your business.

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Mar 17

Posted by: Lola

Spring is here! What does this mean to the Business Owner?


After walking down the famed Queen Street earlier today in Downtown Toronto, I realized that Spring has indeed arrived and not a moment too soon. Canadians love warm weather so any temperature over 10 degrees Celsius with Sun will bring us outside in full force. But what does Spring really mean to the Business owner? I think it can mean a lot of added revenue if utilized effectively. Businesses who capitalize on those precious few months of warm weather can win big. You have to make sure you know how and when to act and of course how to appeal and adapt to your new-found customers. Here are some tips I came up with for small business owners who wish to exploit the Season to bring more business their way.

Courtesy & Customer Service

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Dec 30

Posted by: clickflick

What is FourSquare and Gowalla?


Foursquare is a location based social networking game. It can be used via the website at http://www.foursquare.com and also on mobile devices such as the iphone and blackberry(beta). The essence of the Foursquare is that it allows you and your friends new ways to explore your city. You earn points and unlock badges for discovering new places. How does it work? After installing the application on your smartphone the whole system is based on “checking-in”. You can check-in at bars, restaurants or any kind of location or business at this time. You will receive points for “checking-in”. You can also add  locations into the system which gives you more points. The points system is just part of the game. You can also be a “Mayor” of an establishment if you visit/check-in at location the most compared to anyone else. It's bragging rights too! Your followers will be “Pinged” of your location everytime you check-in. The great thing about Foursquare is you can leave tidbits of info which is great for establishments. If I visit a restaurant that has a great appetizer specials, I can mention that in the Foursquare application for all my followers to see. This gives establishments instant promotion and advertising in a “Word of Mouth” way which is valuable for business or venues.

Gowalla is a very similar application to Foursquare. The website is http://www.gowalla.com . Gowalla allows you to stamp and earn rewards at the places you visit. It allows you to drop or pick up “Special theme items” at a location which is similar to the “badges” in FourSquare. Overall using both applications, I found that Gowalla is much slower to update when “checking-in” to locations via the Twitter method. Both Geo-tagging applications are still in it’s infancy but will be a big in social trends for the future. The social aspect with discounts and free offers will make this an enticing tool for business for monetizing and advertising in the future. So go out and explore now. Here's a video of Dennis Crowley, Co -founder of Foursquare.

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