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Feb 13

Posted by: Administrator

iPhone and your Mobile Community


iBizBook  is pleased to unveil this completely new Mobile Community for our iPhone users. We hope you will find our new Mobile Community motivating, informative and easy to navigate and that you will be inspired to join us in building a strong consumer and business community. 

The Mobile Community allows iBB members to change their profile, check their direct messages and view the activity stream. All from the palm of your hand.

Please explore our new Mobile Community and give us your feedback!

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Feb 10

Posted by: Kanan Kothari

Valentine’s Day...To be or not to be?

Kanan Kothari

As another February 14th fast approaches, people all over, attached or not, are forced to ask themselves the big question: will I celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? 

The answer to this question seems relatively simplistic at first glance; if you have someone to celebrate with (i.e. a significant other) than you can celebrate.  However, if you don’t, well than to heck with it, you’re left alone to shiver in a dark corner.  Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh, but you see the picture I’m painting here.  But, as any young modern consumer is well aware, the answer to this question has become increasingly complex and multifaceted. 

Deciding on Valentine’s Day festivities has become complicated for couples who ponder this holiday, with such a wide array of gift and celebration possibilities.  Potential consumers are bombarded with advertisements for big ticket items like weekend getaways to the Caribbean, Tiffany’s jewellery, or even high end electronics.   On the other end of the spectrum, recession sensitive consumers are offered solutions like love coupons, hand-made cards or baked goods; by columnists, bloggers, and lifestyle experts.   What’s the expectation and standard these days anyways? And, are there different expectations of men and women?

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Jan 24

Posted by: clickflick

What is the iSlate?

Tagged in: touch screen , touch , Tech Crunch , Tech , Tablet , Steve Jobs , software , release , product , OLED screen , OLED , netbooks , laptop , Iwork , iSlate , iSlate , Iphone 4.0 , iPhone , Internet , desktop , computers , battery , Apple



What is the iSlate?

The iSlate is rumoured to be an Apple Tablet or iPad. The internet has been filled with numerous rumours on this new product. Apple is to release more info on this possible product this coming January 27, 2010. They are to announce the iSlate, Iphone 4.0 and Ilife 2010. The key announcement will be the iSlate itself. The computing industry worldwide has seen a maturity from bulky desktop computers to laptops to netbooks. This is where the iSlate comes into the fold. The iSlate as pictured will look like a larger sized iphone with a touchable screen surface quite possibly an OLED screen which would increase battery life. It could possibly run on Iphone 4.0 software. Steve Jobs says the upcoming Apple tablet iSlate “will be the most important thing I’ve ever done”, according to TechCrunch. It will be interesting to see if the iSlate will be as popular in hype as the iphone. The iphone is now known as a technical gadget that has changed the whole mobile industry with it’s interface and thousands of Apps.

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Jan 11

Posted by: Gary Malhi

What is Mobile Augmented Reality?

Gary Malhi

One of my favorite activities on the web is reading new technology related blogs and articles.  I am currently fascinated with the extremely fast pace of technological innovation.  Smartphones are definitely leading the pack with new applications and devices arriving daily.  I recently came across this term “Mobile Augmented Reality(AR)” and I had to explore it further.


What does “Augmented Reality” mean?  This term means a live view of the physical world supplemented (augmented) with virtual computer generated imagery.  So basically it means the enhancement of the physical world with computer graphics or text.  You may have seen this on TV in an NHL hockey game where they put a blue halo around the puck so your eye can follow it better (Canadians don’t need this, it was an American TV station that did this).  TV is just one tool with which you can experience AR.  There are head mounted devices, digital projectors and now mobile smartphones.

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Jan 05

Posted by: Gary Malhi

2010 Consumer Electronics Show

Gary Malhi

Now this is a trade show I would be extremely excited to visit - Electronics, Gadgets, and so many other Toys!

The 2010 International consumer Electronics Show (CES) is taking place in Las Vegas this weekend January 7 to 10.  This annual event features hundreds of technology and consumer electronics exhibitors.  It is the preeminent consumer technology trade show.  The show is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center with additional venues used for certain specialties.

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