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Mar 04

Posted by: Kanan Kothari

The McGill University Bookstore sells out of ties…not textbooks.

Kanan Kothari
Tagged in: windsor knot , win , University , tie , social networking , olympics , mike , metal , men , McGill tie , Mcgill , lucky , hockey , history , good luck , gold , fans , fans , Facebook , coach , charm , Bookstore , Babcock , alumni

Proud Canadians everywhere watched in jubilation on Sunday afternoon as the final, and perhaps most anticipated, gold metal was won by the men’s hockey team.  Any somewhat online social creature can also admit to having seen Facebook pics and Tweets everywhere of the after-parties and festivities, from friends and families across the country. The energy was high, the cheers were loud and the booze was flowing. 


But, who would have thought that the triumphant win by our boys on Sunday night would be a winning sales tactic for the McGill University Bookstore? Not me, that’s for sure. Especially being a proud McGill Alumnus, knowing the Bookstore best as a quiet and lazy place on campus that’s only really busy at the beginning of the semester. 

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Dec 27

Posted by: Tim Posgate

Radio Christmas

Tim Posgate
Tagged in: technology , radio , jazz , hockey , Christmas , CBC

So far the only really emotional Christmas moment I had was because of radio. Sure, I loved watching my kids open their presents and sing songs with us etc. but it was the Pogues on the CBC that made my eyes a little leaky.


I don’t even know the name of that Christmas song they sing but it certainly made me feel like I was fifteen again was in the kitchen chatting with my Mom. It seems like radio is everywhere this Christmas. My kids gave me a wind up radio that works without batteries. (Thanks guys, I always wanted one!)  Even my son’s new ipod Nano has a radio built in to it. The Mac people finally figured out that we need radio. (as well as the new audio and video recording feature!)

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