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Feb 04

Posted by: clickflick

3D TV's are coming soon!

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How many of you recently watched the Grammy Awards? Did you see the Michael Jackson special “Earth Song” tribute in 3D? Unfortunately if you were viewing it from home you probably missed out on the full effect unless you actually own a pair of 3D glasses. It begs the question: Who actually owns 3D glasses?

 The introduction of  3D (Three-Dimensional Field) to television in the recent Grammy’s signifies the emergence of 3D television from your home. Synchronized to the release of “Avatar” and “Alice and Wonderland” both 3D movies have also fueled the general publics hunger for more 3D viewing and programming. In the recent consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 3D televisions took centre stage of the majority of products on display. All the big players such as Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi, LG and other manufacturers are set to release 3D televisions this summer 2010. Major broadcasters such as Comcast are looking to launch 3D channels. The first venture into this uncharted land is ESPN. They are looking to broadcast football and basketball games in 3D format. Will consumers fork out the extra money for 3D, that remains to be seen. Comcast and other media outlets will need to invest in stronger networks and change the infrastructure to handle higher bandwidth. Canadians will play second fiddle in a wait and see approach to see how Americans accept the technology.

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Jan 05

Posted by: Gary Malhi

2010 Consumer Electronics Show

Gary Malhi

Now this is a trade show I would be extremely excited to visit - Electronics, Gadgets, and so many other Toys!

The 2010 International consumer Electronics Show (CES) is taking place in Las Vegas this weekend January 7 to 10.  This annual event features hundreds of technology and consumer electronics exhibitors.  It is the preeminent consumer technology trade show.  The show is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center with additional venues used for certain specialties.

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