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Aug 14

How to easily change the user settings of your SBCGlobal email account

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When the users configure the SBCGlobal account on any device, then the settings for the email service would automatically get configured, and you would not need to set them in the device automatically. Even if you wish to change the default settings of your email, you can do so by accessing the ‘User Preferences’ of the email account. If you wish to change the view, account address book or even the mailbox theme of your email account, you can get it done by following the information provided in this blog. The users would also have the alternate option of connecting with Sbcglobal customer support number, where they would get all the required assistance in configuring the email account.

Steps to change the user settings of SBCGlobal Account

The steps which the users would have to undertake in order to change the user settings of the SBCGlobal Email account are:


·        The users can change the client login option.

·        They would also have the option of accessing all the features which are provided by the webmail.

·        The users would also have complete access to change the color theme from the settings option, which is available.

·        When the users come across the need to change the time zone, they can then easily change it from the settings option. The users would also have the option to change the location.

·        The users would also have the option of fixing an appointment on the calendar, where you can also add notes of the selected dates. The users can also sync their calendar with this email.

·        You also have the option of adding as many folders as you want in the Junk, Trash, and other items folder.

·        If you wish to check the content pane, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Always show selection checkbox’ option.


·        When you wish to display the number of messages on a single page, then you have the option to set the desired number easily.

·        The users can always choose the option ‘Arrange Message’ to sort certain conversations and individual messages.

·        If you want to change the refresh interval of the new message, you can get this done by opting for the ‘Preferences’ option.

Messaging Options

·        The users of SBCGlobal email are provided with access to change the pane of the window.

·        If you have enabled the reading pane on the window, then you can check for snippets using which you can directly read the emails.

·        The users can enable or disable the option of auto-downloading the images, and this setting can be altered by accessing the ‘Preferences’ option.

·        The users have the option of searching for emails in their inbox using the search icon, which is available in the inbox.

·        If you come across the need to enable the ‘Auto-reply’ option, you can then go to settings and check for ‘Vacation Message.’

When the users come across any issue while undertaking the information given above, then they can easily connect with Sbcglobal customer support phone number. The users can easily connect with trained professionals who would efficiently guide you through the process of changing the user settings of your account.

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