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Sep 08

Plastic Surgeon Creates Dream Woman, Then Proposes

Posted by: Stephanie Faris

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Stephanie Faris

plastic surgery

When she entered Dr. David Matlock's office, she simply wanted to reconstruct her most intimate body part after giving birth to her daughter. Six years later, the doctor and his patient are husband and wife.

Thanks to her husband, Veronica Matlock has had liposuction to her arms, legs, and chin, as well as a Brazilian butt lift, among many other procedures. She'd had three breast augmentation surgeries prior to visiting the doctor, but she was 40 pounds heavier when she met him. Despite the extensive work he later performed on her face and body, Dr. Matlock says it was love at first sight.

Mrs. Matlock considers herself a "walking advertisement" for her husband's work. But Dr. Matlock is a great example himself, having undergone a fat-implant procedure he pioneered. Vaser High Def Liposculpting uses ultrasound technology to break up fat and sculpt abs, pecs, lats, and obliques.

The pair work hard to stay in shape, too, working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Matlock states that because it is his business to help others look good, he feels an obligation to look as good as possible, as well. Both Dr. and Mrs. Matlock regularly compete in competitions where they show off their refined physiques.


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Hope Toliver
is lots happening with plastic surgery these days sex changes and such its amazing what can be done. no one knows though what are the long term side effects of these interventions. implants etc can be devastating long term for the body
Hope Toliver , September 10, 2013
Leslie Huertas
maybe something I am missing looks same before and after ... well almost smilies/wink.gif
Leslie Huertas , September 10, 2013
James Cook
My opinion girls do all those surgeries to please themselves ... It's a mispreseption that men demand perfection...
James Cook , September 09, 2013
Never ending desire
Angelica Gordon
I actually have a friend who has an addiction to plastic surgeries. She started with nose job which was very successful according to her expectations, then she moved on to breasts, 15K later she is talking arms and legs liposuction...She is very happy after each successful procedure, loves her enhanced body and feels very comfortable and confident with herself. While some people debate that this is wrong - who has the rights to judge?
Angelica Gordon , September 08, 2013
Dora Black
On the 'Before' picture she looks perfectly fine - not overweight, with toned body. Interesting how some people are not satisfied with what they got and always want some artificial enhancements. I bet they will continue 'refining and reconstructing', because there is no limit to perfection.
Dora Black , September 08, 2013

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