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Aug 13

Depressed Teens Turn to Social Media Instead of Professionals

Posted by: Stephanie Faris

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Stephanie Faris

Depressed Teens Turn to Social Media Instead of Professionals

Studies have found that social media aggravates depression rather than helping it. So why are so many teens and young adults using it as a coping tool?

A new study has found that at least 90 percent of teens and young adults suffering from depression symptoms turned to the internet to get information on mental health issues. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only reason young adults go online. Researchers say many teens and 20-somethings spend a great deal of time on social media. The problem is, they also tend to use social media as they would a therapist, venting about their issues to their online followers.

Although the internet does provide a safe space for people to discuss suicide and depression, unfortunately it doesn’t serve as an adequate substitute for professional help. Instead of connecting with professional therapists online, as technology now allows them to do, young people tend to turn toward each other rather than those who have been trained to help.

The report expressed concern that the reliance on social media may be contributing to the increase currently being seen in teen depression. But even though teens say they feel better when they turn to social media for help, experts believe those offering advice may do more harm than good.


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Steward , November 07, 2018

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