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Mar 29

Are Sex-Related Strokes Common?

Posted by: Stephanie Faris

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Stephanie Faris

Are Sex-Related Strokes Common?

Generally, intimacy between partners is considered a good thing. It counts as exercise, so it’s good for your heart and overall physical health. It has also been linked to stress reduction and increased well-being. But as some women have learned, there can also be a risk associated with sexual activity.

The most recent case involved a 44-year-old London-area woman who became unconscious while receiving oral sex. She regained consciousness three minutes later and went to the hospital, where a scan revealed that she’d burst a blood vessel in her brain and suffered a stroke. Although doctors didn’t directly connect sex to her condition, the change in blood pressure that occurs during sex can cause a blood vessel to burst.

In 2012, a woman who was six months pregnant had to be put into a coma after suffering multiple strokes after sex. She was discovered to have had a brain hemorrhage due to an abnormality in one of her blood vessels. Following a craniotomy, she recovered but the strokes left her paralyzed on her left side.

A stroke during sex is highly unlikely, but there have been multiple documented cases. In most instances, there were preexisting conditions that led to the issue. One case report stated that death following a sex-related stroke is more likely during extramarital sex, possibly due to a reluctance to seek medical help.


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