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Jan 07

Uncovering Their (Bad) Habits

Posted by: Jim Lillie

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Jim Lillie

Uncovering Their (Bad) Habits

One thing about wearing a clerical outfit: While members of the general public might show a bit more respect because of the outward nature of one's professional dress, those same people are apt to remember the wearers of such garb when they engage in illicit activity.

It's not entirely clear whether a couple of nuns arrested on charges of embezzlement were wearing their habits when traveling to Las Vegas, where they are alleged to have gambled away funds collected in payment of tuition at a Catholic school in California. But the fact that they tried to rob Peter to gamble on Paul still can't be sitting well with folks -- especially the ones whose monies were thus misused.

Adrian Alarcon, a spokesperson for the Diocese of Los Angeles, says that the embezzlement could have continued for as long as a decade -- during a time when Sister Margaret Kreuper served as the principal of Saint James Catholic School in Torrance and Sister Linda Chang worked as an eighth grade teacher.

Alarcon told CBS News that the total amount embezzled isn't known, though some reports have pegged the figure around $500,000.

Monsignior Michael Meyers wrote a letter to school parents classifying the amount as "substantial", adding, "I want to assure you that the investigation has disclosed that, notwithstanding this misappropriation, no student or program at St. James has suffered any loss of educational resources, opportunities, or innovations."

Just, you know, a possible $50,00 per year, on average, that no one apparently missed.

Neither nun has yet been charged with a crime, though both are said to be retired.

Meyers noted the both have apologized and are cooperating with an investigation.


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