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Mar 18

Revos Transforms Bikes into E-Bikes in Under 10 Minutes

Posted by: Jim Lillie

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Jim Lillie

Revos Transforms Bikes into E-Bikes in Under 10 Minutes

Revos is a kit designed to attach to a regular bike in order to provide electric power to a ride the user already possesses and, presumably, likes.

The kit is the brainchild of Revolutionworks, which recently closed a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised £24,184 to bring the project to life. This exceeded the original fundraising goal by nearly 25%.

A "Super Early Bird" package on Kickstarter would have netted a donor the drive unit, battery, pedal assist sensor, battery charger, fitting tool, user manual, and miscellaneous fixings -- all for the sum of £299.

After fitting the Revos kit to a bike, the user can enjoy electrical pedal assist up to a little over 15 mph, or 25 kph. This could help commuters make their way to work without having to exert themselves to a point where they become sweaty and hot, while also cutting down on commuting time.

Others might enjoy the extra power to make it up an unforeseen hill. And it's also possible to take advantage of Revos for leisure excursions during the weekends and evenings.

Riders have the option of keeping the Revos unit on for the entire trip or just a portion of it. All it takes is switching off the pedal assist and then back pedaling a half-turn or so. This could come in handy when riders encounter a need for extra power followed by flat, easy terrain that they can handle without help. Then, when pedal assist is desired once again, riders can simply back pedal a half-turn.

The units is said to fit most bikes. Those who ordered items on Kickstarter should have already received them. There are two different kinds of batteries.


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