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Jan 10

New Year’s Resolutions for the Tech World

Posted by: Jim Lillie

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Jim Lillie

New Years Resolutions for the Tech World

Technology has undoubtedly brought a great deal of convenience to modern life.

However, it has also ushered in various practices and situations which have not necessarily ennobled our collective existence.

A few resolutions, then, to encourage a better 2019 for the Tech World and, by extension, all of us:

Writing at Mashable, Rachel Kraus suggests that one major improvement could come in the area of technology companies refusing to bow to the demands of fascist governments. She references a decision by Netflix to pull an episode of Patriot Act, a show by comedian Hasan Minhaj, from being broadcast in Saudi Arabia. The episode in question poked at the Saudi regime, which reportedly complained to Netflix, which then yanked the episode. Kraus says that for the future, tech companies should resolve to cease "citing 'following the law' over the values they themselves claim to espouse".

Next, writes Kraus, tech companies should endeavor to better control and moderate content -- particularly the kind that spreads hate and propaganda. Twitter, for example, was reported to have been exploited by hackers to disseminate Islamic state propaganda. They and others need to do better, argues Kraus -- because the stakes are simply too great to permit propaganda an easy and abiding online presence.

Lastly, Kraus points out that tech companies should seek to better follow their own rules -- like, say, YouTube, which reportedly banned a singer for copyright violations and not because of the singer's having attempted to stir up an impressionable audience.

She concludes: "Like any diet or vow to exercise for the new year, if these companies enforced their own rules in 2019, the internet might have a chance of getting in shape."


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