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Mar 09

Dude, There’s, Like, a Tiger in Our Weed Spot

Posted by: Jim Lillie

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Jim Lillie

Dude Theres Like a Tiger in Our Weed Spot

While many have cheered the legalization of marijuana in various U.S. states as welcome and long-overdue, it's important to remember to carefully consider before acting upon such a sea change.

The legal reforms are undoubtedly welcome to those who swear by the drug, either for medicinal or recreational purposes, and it's understandable that people would be happy to learn that the government is less involved in this area of their lives.

But weed can still do some strange things to people. It can also cause people to question reality in ways that might compromise their safety.

Take the case of a couple of people who wandered into an abandoned home in southeast Houston to smoke marijuana. The pair wound up calling 311 when they discovered that the house was not as abandoned as they had previously believed.

The weed-toking squatters reported to authorities that the house they were temporarily inhabiting was also occupied by a live tiger. Police promptly transferred the call for help to a local animal shelter, which obtained a warrant to search the home.

Those who saw the tiger apparently nick-named him Tyson after the movie "The Hangover". Officers reported that the animal was decently fed and in good shape, but needed better housing, telling KHOU 11 TV, “He’s in a rinky-dink cage that could easily bust open. It was secured with a nylon strap and a screwdriver for the top of the cage. He could have gone on a rampage in the city… anything could have happened!”

Owning a tiger is legal in Texas if the owner has the proper permit. But not in Houston.

Fortunately, a Texas animal sanctuary agreed to take Tyson.


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