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Mar 30

Don’t Insta-Trample on the Poppies

Posted by: Jim Lillie

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Jim Lillie

Don’t Insta-Trample on the Poppies

Nature's wonders are treasures to behold and experience, and when any of us take in just one, we often want friends and loved ones to share in the experience.

But like most anything else, too much sharing -- even of natural wonders -- can sometimes do more harm than good.

Case in point: The so-called mega-blooms occurring in California, home to troves of natural beauty.

Seems that visitors to these occurrences, which involve acres and acres of blooming wildflowers, especially poppies, have taken to Instagram to share their discoveries -- and, as a result, have invited hordes of people to enjoy, and sometimes trample through, the hills and neighborhoods near the flower displays.

Mashable reports that the town of Lake Elsinore, for example, has a population of 60,000. However, roughly 100,000 people descended on Lake Elsinore on a recent Sunday to catch glimpses of the blooms -- creating traffic jams and other nightmares for locals.

The city has responded by attempting to closing the fields, only to reopen and then close them once again. Lake Elsinore officials posted on Facebook that the Walter Canyon area had been shut down because "the situation has escalated beyond available resources."

When Monday rolled around, Walker Canyon had opened to the public once more, albeit with "extremely limited" parking. The city' explained that it wasn't practical to attempt to bar visitors while also admitting, "this is something unlike anything we have ever experienced in our city and may never again."

Even the local mayor got in on the act, posting a video on -- yes, Instagram -- asking that people choose another time to visit the lovely flower blooms, since the town was "full".


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