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Jan 05


Posted by: Emilly Kendi

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Emilly Kendi

The landscape slowly changed again, to stony chaparral more suited to films like 'the Good, the Bad and the Ugly', dotted with ingenious plants like these.

Things got a bit steeper from here on in, but always manageable. Any remaining vegetation slowly receded as we walked and scrambled our way up.

Our next resting place was the Austrian Hut at 4800m right beside the Lewis Glacier. It sad that not everything was covered in snow.perhaps this is the sad effect of global warming.but later it was snowing  at night i remember we settled in and needed some water to heat up, so we got  saucepan and travelled down to the little lake at the bottom of the glacier. And I sat down, hit the icy surface of the lake with my saucepan, and got my water. And I remember being overwhelmed with the possibility that life could actually be that simple.

The next morning we woke up at 3.00am to make it to our goal before sunrise. Cup of coffee in hand, I stood outside in the porch. The stars. It is so sad how most of us city-dwellers will never know the stars as anything other than ten or twelve isolated points in a reddish night sky. Here, closer to the heavens, it was as if someone had run their fingers through a paintbrush and speckled the sky; big dots, little dots, of all hues, there wasn’t enough space for them all.

So up we went the slippy slopes, with only our headlights to guide us. And after a couple of hours, I clambered awkwardly over this big rock to find myself standing at the peak. And the sun was just about to rise.standing on the peak of Point Lenana. To the north, I realised that that was Ethiopia I was looking at, Tanzania to the south. Looking down at the mountain slopes, tracing my own journey up, all I had been through in the last few days. And the sun, this golden orbit setting the clouds aflame, illumining what seemed like a stairway to heaven....


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Gary Malhi
Sounds like an amazing life experience! Did you take pictures, if so please post.
Gary Malhi , January 05, 2010

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