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iBizBook is an online social business directory where small businesses can list and promote their business, offer discounts and expose the brand to millions of consumers and deal seekers.

The best part of it is that everything is Free. No premium to pay, ever.

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iBizBook is not just another business directory where your business information goes stale once it is listed. You can edit and update your listings regularly yourself to maybe announce deals, offer seasonal discounts or even share some exciting news.

You will always know how your listing is doing, when is viewed and what locations it is most popular amongst. We will give you the necessary statistics for your business listing and help you to improve its exposure and performance.

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Almost everyone at one point has heard about Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Through it you increase the exposure and visibility of your business. We try our best to craft and personalize search terms and keywords for your business listings.

Visit Our Services for a more in depth look at what you can achieve with ibizbook.

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iBizBook is social. We live in a new economy, an economy based on trust. We just don’t trust advertisers and marketers, anymore, instead we trust our friends. ibizbook lets you connect with real businesses and real consumers for real conversations and savings.

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Simply join ibizbook for free and start taking advantage of what it has to offer.

iBizBook is for anyone

- Business & People who are interested in networking.

- Consumers who want to discuss current consumer related issues.

- Business who want to stay current, get exposed and promote themselves for free.

- Consumers who want to contact business directly.

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