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36842 Velodome Shelters Website: https://velodomeshelters.com/bike-racks.html Address: 32 Ann Street, Clifton, NJ 07013 Phone: (973) 264-9100 Velodome Shelters produces the highest quality bicycle stands bike racks. Some studies show that in the United States, a bike is stolen every minute even with a bike lock. A bike stand from Velodome Shelters can make sure you are not part of that statistic! At Velodome Shelters, we currently sell various types of bike stands including U-Rack, Ringo, EZ Lift, RampRack, MaxRack Stand, and many others. One unique feature of the bike racks from Velodome Shelters is that we use solid steel lock bars, which makes the stands even more secure. Visit our website to look at the different bike rack options and to request a quote for the best suited to your application.
01:10 PM
36838 CEI Network Website: https://www.ceinetwork.com/ Address: 4850 East Street Road Suite 200 Trevose, PA 19053 Phone: 215-364-8237 For fleet driver training solutions partner with the CEI Group. Founded in 1976 as a collision repair service in Philadelphia, CEI has evolved into a fleet driver training leader through its vision of customer advocacy and its record of innovation in fleet accident repair. As a result, CEI’s hard-earned reputation is one of exceeding customer expectations while delivering top-rate fleet management solutions. Accident prevention and safety management for your fleet is CEI’s only business. We save fleets millions of dollars and prevent more than 1,000 accidents every year. Our loyal customer base now includes some of North America’s largest fleets and fleet management companies. With more than 900,000 vehicles under management, CEI delivers economies of scale for unsurpassed levels of fleet driver training.
10:06 AM
36837 Nancy Welsh Website: https://www.ibuild.global Address: 5800 Tinker Diagonal Ave Midwest City, OK 73110 Phone: (405) 741-4451 Nancy Welsh is a co-founder and the current Chief Marketing Officer of iBUILD. iBUILD is a mobile platform that is working to help solve the global housing crisis. The platform connects people who need housing to people in the construction industry who are looking for work. They can work together to gain access to various housing support services in order to create and fund housing projects around the world. Nancy Welsh is a positive leader within iBUILD and is highly regarded for her entrepreneurial, mentorship and leadership skills in the industry. She uses her Masters degree in International Relations and passion for the world to help those struggling around the world. Nancy Welsh’s work is much needed and will leave the world a better place for future generations.
09:33 AM
36836 GasTec Website: https://www.gasteconline.com/propane-prices.php Address: 25 Council Rock Dr. Ivyland, PA 18974 Phone: (888) 449-3585 If you are looking for the best residential propane prices, contact GasTec today! GasTec provides propane gas to customers in Bucks County, PA. We offer monthly automatic deliveries of propane gas to your residence, business building, or even agricultural and industrial sites. We guarantee the most reasonable residential propane prices in the business so contact us today if you would like to switch your service from another company to GasTec. GasTec closely monitors the market to make sure that our residential propane prices are in line with the current trend. We hope that, by providing our loyal customers with competitive prices, our company will continue to grow and service even more people. Our employees are excited to provide new customers with great residential propane prices. Call GasTec today to save money!
09:33 AM
9157 Hilton updated Conrad Centennial Singapore Listing
09:23 AM
36834 ProLux Carpet Cleaning added ProLux Carpet Cleaning Listing in the Business
08:33 AM
36835 Kevin Weiss added Sam Weiss Woodworking, Inc Listing in the Business
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14137 Sam Vohra updated CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc. Listing
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36831 Kwame Dixon added Retro Fitness Listing in the Business
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36833 Victor Beeckman added Joyce’s Bed & Breakfast Listing in the Business
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36832 Rehab Clinic Glasgow added Rehab Clinic Glasgow Listing in the Business
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36830 Don Bleau added Moosomin Towing & Auto Service Listing in the Business
07:50 AM
36829 Fluorotherm Website: https://www.fluorotherm.com Address: 333 New Road, Unit #1, Parsippany, NJ 07054 Phone: (877) 777-2629 For over 40 years, Fluorotherm has been an expert with fluoropolymer and developing new applications for different markets. Fluoropolymer is a type of polymer that is known for being highly resistant to acids, bases, and solvents. Fluorotherm specifically works with PTFE, PFA, PVDF, ETFE, FEP, and PCTFE. These various polymers allow our company to create innovative new products that can have a lasting impact on an industry. At Fluorotherm, we serve various industries including environmental, aerospace, heavy, automotive, and many more. We have developed fluoropolymer tubings and rods, which can be used for things such as water disinfection, electrical insulation, and products with gaskets. Visit our website to learn more about fluoropolymer today.
07:37 AM
36828 Aaron Durst added Advanced Electronic Industries Inc. Listing in the Business
07:16 AM
36827 Ralph McCall added Financial Solutions Group LLC Listing in the Business
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36825 Anika Brown added SymposiumGo Listing in the Business
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36824 Dan Foster CPA added Dan Foster CPA Listing in the Business
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9157 Hilton added Hilton Garden Inn Astana Listing in the Business
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36823 Kevin Kendall added Fearless Motorsports Listing in the Business
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36822 Karen Bense added Air, Land & Sea Travel Agency, Inc. Listing in the Business
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36820 Cindy Giannaris added Pawsh Buddies Listing in the Business
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