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20865 Jamie Head added Jamie Head Financial Listing in the Business
08:48 AM
20844 Marc Zee updated Luxe Limo Service Listing
08:32 AM
20864 Javier Fernandez added Big Smiles Learning And Care Listing in the Business
08:23 AM
20863 Michael Vozzolo added Econo-Clean Listing in the Business
08:05 AM
20862 Marita Ulrich added Whitby's Books & Gifts Listing in the Business
08:00 AM
20861 Tony Richards added Carquest Auto Parts - Carx Performance Listing in the Business
07:46 AM
20860 Crystal Walden added Divine Glow Tanning Studio Listing in the Business
07:24 AM
20859 Doug Rosenberg added Tru-Bilt Fabrications Listing in the Business
06:55 AM
20858 Tamara Weinberger added Pickerman's Soup & Sandwiches Listing in the Business
06:17 AM
20857 Klaus Uhlig added Klaus Uhlig Communications Listing in the Business
06:01 AM
20856 Peter Flannigan added Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting Listing in the Business
03:35 AM
20572 Golden House Construction added amici catering co ltd Listing in the Business
02:56 AM
20572 Golden House Construction added savincom Listing in the Business
02:25 AM
594 Netributor Nobel Prize Given for Discoveries About Biological Clock [ Thomas Perlmann, Secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, who announced the prize in Stockholm, said that the scientists “were able to peek inside our biological clock and elucidate its inner workings," adding, "their discoveries explain how plants, animals, and humans adapt their biological rhythm so that it is synchronized with the Earth’s revolutions.” The trio of winners -- Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael Young -- will split up a prize of 9 million Swedish krona, or approximately $940,000 USD. Scientists have been trying since at least the 1970s to figure out whether they could pinpoint genes in fruit flies that influence the daily patterns of sleeping, waking, and metabolism. Hall and Robash, who work at Brandeis University, and Young, who calls Rockefeller University his professional home, began isolating circadian rhythm genes in the 1980s. According to a report from Mashable, "Hall and Rosbash then discovered that levels of the protein the gene makes, dubbed PER, build up during the night and drop during the day, oscillating over a 24-hour cycle. The gene Young found in 1994, called timeless, makes a protein named TIM that was also required for a normal circadian rhythm."] - https://tinyurl.com/ycf6z8h3
12:57 AM
2 days ago
18600 SuhaanKkhanna updated MSysTraining Listing
11:53 AM
20854 David Miller added Waterloocars Airport Transfers London Listing in the Business
10:27 AM
20750 Dodel Druckmann updated Mezcal Grill & Bar Listing
08:44 AM
20674 Lori Diallo updated DH4 Restaurant Listing
08:38 AM
19810 Jessica updated Spring Creek Farm Inc Listing
08:34 AM

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