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17897 Bregine Brok added Designing Haaker Listing in the Business
12:06 PM
17895 FlicBook added FlicBook Listing in the Business
06:10 AM
17894 Haslam IT added Haslam IT Listing in the Business
05:48 AM
17893 Pat Murphy added Express Employment Professionals of Eugene, OR Listing in the Business
04:42 AM
17891 Doug Anthony added Express Employment Professionals of Logan, UT Listing in the Business
03:10 AM
17890 Chloe Neyrial added Babymoov Listing in the Business
02:20 AM
17889 Jason Servaty added Bullock Breakers Listing in the Business
02:02 AM
594 Netributor Ride Adjusts Speed Depending on Rider's State of Fear [ Thankfully, the ride is designed to slow down, not speed up, when the rider is feeling nauseous or scared. The Neurotransmitter 3000, as the beast is known, is the brainchild of Dutch industrial designer Daniel de Bruin. The "biometrically controlled thrillride" measures seven meters in height (or about 23 feet). It collects data from sensor's placed on the user's body. Fluctuations in heart rate, muscle tension, body temperature, and orientation/gravity can be processed to effect changes in the ride's motion. The ride is launched at full speed -- roughly one revolution every two seconds -- when the user's resting heart rate hits 80 beats per minute (bpm). The machine continues to rotate as the heart rate increases. However, once that level reaches 130 bpm, the ride brakes to a stop. Increased muscle tension -- such as when a user grabs the seat of the ride with his or her hands -- can also cause the Neurotransmitter to grind to a halt. De Bruin tells Quartz Media that his goal is to keep on experimenting with the ways in which riders can connect emotionally to a large machine] - http://tinyurl.com/kvkumv5
07:53 PM
17888 Advantage2Retail added Advantage2Retail Listing in the Business
01:59 PM
17887 Luke added Email Help Desk Number Listing in the Business
11:47 AM
17886 nyecleaning added Nye Cleaning Services Listing in the Business
11:10 AM
17885 Kris Hoglund added Express Employment Professionals of Kent, WA Listing in the Business
09:37 AM
17884 TheCustomBoxesUK added TheCustomBoxesUK Listing in the Business
07:46 AM
17883 AppsShoppy added AppsShoppy Listing in the Business
07:29 AM
17882 Crafters and Weavers added Crafters and Weavers in business for almost 20 yea Listing in the Business
07:19 AM
17883 AppsShoppy AppsShoppy is an innovative IT solutions provider, offering end-to-end web and mobile services to businesses and ideas of all size.www.appsshoppy.com
07:19 AM
17881 Barry Wilkins added Greensboro Fitness Equipment Listing in the Business
06:26 AM
17880 ExpressIrving added Express Employment Professionals of Irving, TX Listing in the Business
04:48 AM

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