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16892 Yasser Bin Ali Al Alawi added Gulf for the Protection of Intellectual Property L Listing in the Business
02:57 AM
16890 Fourfour2 Fourfour2.com provides a large selection of football matches tickets for fans from Spain to Italy to the UK. If you want to enjoy every moment of football matches, so don’t missed chance purchase your favorite football match tickets.
02:10 AM
16890 Fourfour2 added Fourfour2 Listing in the Business
02:04 AM
16889 Bluestar added Blue Star Service Solutions, Inc. Listing in the Business
01:54 AM
16888 Alice Clover created a blog entry 5 ways to increase personal power
01:26 AM
16887 Jesse Tsai added Southern Nevada Home Buyers Listing in the Business
11:08 PM
16886 Jeasin Lu added HYS Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Co., Ltd. Listing in the Business
08:27 PM
594 Netributor Bill Gates Reportedly Backs Company Developing a HIV Prevention Device [More than 36 million people were infected with HIV at the end of 2015, yet medical science seems to have turned its attention to other health issues in recent decades. For Bill Gates, however, the 1.1 million who died from AIDS-related issues in 2015 is a pressing problem, and it’s one he plans to do something about. According to recent reports, the billionaire Microsoft founder has invested $140 million in a medical company called Intarcia Therapeutics. Intarcia is perhaps best known for its type-2 diabetes pump that can deliver medicine to the body on a consistent basis. A similar pump could be developed to deliver HIV prevention by delivering medicines like PrEP, which keeps sexually-active adults from contracting the disease. According to the Wall Street Journal, one implant could hold a six- to 12-month supply of medicine, preventing HIV throughout that time period. The device could be implanted in those in areas like sub-Saharan Africa] - http://tiny.cc/4groiy
06:17 AM
16881 Jack Chan added Locksmith Belvedere Listing in the Business
06:06 AM
16880 Garage Door Repair Argyle added Garage Door Repair Argyle Listing in the Business
04:39 AM
16879 Garage Door Repair Flower Mound added Garage Door Repair Flower Mound Listing in the Business
04:35 AM
16878 Oscar Wall added Loughton Locksmiths Listing in the Business
01:48 AM
2 days ago
16877 George added Melbourne Mobile Detailing Listing in the Business
08:56 PM
16876 ghiontour added Ghion Travel & Tours P.L.C. Listing in the Business
10:04 AM
16874 New Malden Minicab updated New Malden Minicab Listing
05:52 AM
16874 New Malden Minicab added New Malden Minicab Listing in the Business
05:31 AM
16873 Steven Lewis added Acupuncture Suffolk Listing in the Business
04:58 AM
3 days ago
16872 Greenplant Stainless Ltd added Greenplant Stainless Ltd Listing in the Business
07:22 AM

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